Bmwfilms Case Essay

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BMW Film Case Study

The Harvard Business School case from 2002 shows BMW attempting to focus purely on branding BMW in order to surpass competition in marketing innovation, gain market share and reach new sales goals of an additional 40% in the US. This focus on branding resulted in the production of 5 short films under the name BMWFilms that attracted the younger generation and neglected the current consumers. BMW should supplement this with advertising focused on their current consumer as well as additional customer service benefits for their
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And relative to their major competitors they spent less than 50% on media advertising in general (see Exhibit 2).
Separate from the films, BMW was dealing with an underlying conflict of whether to maintain their focus in the luxury car segment or switch to the mass-market segment. Although this was not a focus of BMW in 2002 it was an issue in their future due to the BMWFilms marketing strategy as well as the expected production of the various other models: the Z4 to replace Z3, X3 to complement X5, 1 Series, 6 Series, redesigned 7 series and the Mini Cooper.
BMW’s innovative BMWFilms were successful in attaining a high level share of mind within younger consumers. The profile of these consumers can be seen in Exhibit 11 as a 31 year old, male with a median income $88,000. While this market segment is of the future consumers of BMW’s 3 Series, it neglects the current BMW consumers who own a 3 or 5 Series and may progress to the more profitable 7 Series.
We also suggest BMW supplement the locations of their advertisements as well as target advertisements to the current consumer. For example better targeting the upper-middle-class, working male, advertise the BMWFilms and other BMW marketing in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and where they are regular readers. As well as giving loyal customers benefits in their customer service plans to

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