Essay on `` Blue Collar Brilliance `` By Mike Rose

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As we grow into adulthood our primary goal in life is to build an education. To figure out what career we want to pursue. The texts by Sherman Alexie, Mike Rose, and Richard Rodriguez have all discussed how their background has influenced their education and upbringing to adulthood. “Blue-Collar Brilliance” by Mike Rose highlights how society determines the intelligence of workers based on their job or career. In Richard Rodriguez’s “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood,” his education and childhood was affected by his culture. Whereas in Alexie’s “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me,” there were lower standards on education for him based on his race. These three essays examine how society has shaped their lives and perspective.
Mike Rose introduces his essay, “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” observing his mom work as a waitress in LA when he was still a child. Taking note of the way she worked as a waitress he found that “what [he] observed in [his] mother’s restaurant defined the world of adults, a place where competence was synonymous with physical work” (Rose par. 4). He observed people’s behavior, both workers and customers, and noticed every customer had their needs. The more efficient a worker was at their job and how well they responded to customers’ requests reflected in their tip. The better they did, the bigger the tip. Devoting all this time to examine people as a child, it’s no surprise he had gone to graduate school to study psychology. He learned that…

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