Blood Of Blood Out : Content Essay

804 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
“Blood in Blood out”: CONTENT Authorities place black people and Chicano/a stereotyped into a diaspora, a bubble where all blacks and/or Chicanos are place. Not all people of color have the same mentality as others. Some strive for a better future, some think about what they can do in their life. However, blacks are always limited from greatness because of their color of their body. They are taken as a lower class who do the same crime and play the same role. On the other hand, many public school teachers see Chicano/a and black students’ as lazy, rude, noninterest in learning because teachers stereotype students of color. In result, students turn to the streets to figure out that outside school setting they continue to face stereotypes by police authorities. The body of color faces many hardships in life if it is in the streets or schools. I argue that police brutality should stop targeting people of color because we have the same rights as any other body; mistreating and abusing people of color causes chaos against each other, and the authority are here to protect the body, not murder the body. The police officers duty is to follow exactly what they are referred too, Law Enforcement, enforce the law by prosecuting people who violate the rules, including the law enforcers themselves. No special privilege should be given to them, they too must follow the rules like any other of us and if there were to break a law, they must face the consequences as we all do.…

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