Blitzkrieg: Operation In World War II

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Katelyn Calhoun
Mrs. Sottek
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12 February 2018
The blitzkrieg was known as the lightning war, which involved light tank units and many other artillery units (Cawthorne 6). The first blitzkrieg was first used against Poland in 1939, by Germany who wanted to confuse their enemies by using tactics that were never seen before. Germany's blitzkrieg battle warfare was used during the most crucial battles against Allied countries and was successful because of its emphasis on formation, military tactics, and invasions. During all of the conflicts, they used many diverse machines and formations for defense against the familiar enemy. One of the most eminent battles in the blitzkrieg history was Operation
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Operation Barbarossa was a Germany’s invasion of Russia on June 22, 1941 (Operation Barbarossa). The blitzkrieg led to a various type of military tactics. According to Operation Barbarossa, “Operation Barbarossa was a Nazi Germany’s invasion of Russia on June 22nd, 1941” (Operation Barbarossa). The Operation was a huge conflict that led to the development and advanced of the blitzkrieg tactics, which led the other countries to adopt the tactic. Blitzkrieg Operation Barbarossa I was based on a huge attack which was using the blitzkrieg a battle warfare technique (Operation Barbarossa). The blitzkrieg is also used in the North African campaign in World War II. According to blitzkrieg, “Rommel could not sustain his blitzkrieg campaign without Continuing the supply of tanks and plane” (Blitzkrieg! 29). Rommel was just one of the people who believed in the tactic and those that tat the tactic should mostly have tanks and planes that move the process of the blitzkrieg military tactics. Germans also are the blitzkrieg tactic against the Netherlands and France in 1940 which was a huge uproar. In less than six weeks the Germans crushed the force of four nations which proved how much stronger their army was than any other country. One year later, Germany planned an attack against the Soviet Union to seek revenge and within six months the German military got crushed in …show more content…
All of the major battles were key points in the war, Operation Barbarossa, which was was the first invasion of the Soviet Union. The battle was a success, and because it was the Nazis kept using the blitzkrieg warfare tactic. The war was full of events and people that no one expected. “Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning” by Erwin Rommel, I believe that this is an eminent quote because everything in this war doesn't have a benefit to everyone dying (Erwin Rommel Quotes). For the blitzkrieg, everyone believed in it which was one of the only things everyone agreed on. In War, all you need is each other and an actual reason to fight otherwise it is

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