Bless Me Ultima Antonio Analysis

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Antonio, like an oscillating pendulum, was moving constantly between fixed points, and Ultima grabbed hold of him and put him to rest, in the middle of the two points. This idea is represented by this image, with the scorching sun of the wild llano juxtaposed with the soft grass cascaded by the luminescence of the moon; the Luna and the Marez. But now in between these two opposites does not stand Ultima. It is Antonio between the Luna and the Marez; he holds his eyes closed with a peaceful stature, displaying his utmost care for each side in the middle ground between. Behind him, in the distant sea, are eyes, undoubtedly the eyes of Ultima’s owl which watch him closely. This is a reminder Ultima’s necessary presence and guidance for Antonio. …show more content…
Manifested by the placement of Antonio’s home by the llano, the differences continued into his everyday thoughts of Religion. Antonio is encouraged by his mother into priesthood and the church, where he feels great uncertainty, and an even greater uncertainty when the pagan Golden Carp is introduced to him by his peers. This anti-church theme is mirrored by the Marez when his father declares Tony will only gain understanding through living. All of these seemingly impossible puzzle pieces are made to fit snugly through the counsel of Ultima, who serves as a mediator between all opposites in the novel. Ultima astonishingly bonds antithetic the Luna and the Marez, and reveals that God and the Golden Carp can co-exist. Ultima only brings Antonio to the vast center between the two sides of the world; she shows him the way to a satisfying and comfortable middle ground. From there, it is left for Antonio to define his own disposition. Whether the sun is a deity or nature is a goddess, the coin no longer flips endlessly through the air, it rests on its side, standing straight up, not landing on heads or tails, but maintaining a state of perpetual subjective reality, only decided individually by

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