Blend And Double Essay

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Blend and double
Let’s talk about a few tricks that have been used on some famous recordings but still seem to be a bit of a mystery to plenty of audio engineers. Just like with compression, you have to be able to handle the concept of subtlety in order to use these tricks without it turning into an overdone disco. Blend these tricked up sounds into your bass mix quiet enough to where no one could pick out what you are doing but loud enough to where they add something to the bass guitar.

Create an evil twin
If a bass guitar does not seem to be cutting through a mix, try creating a duplicate track and run the copy through something that will provide some overdrive. The SansAmp is perfect for this. Overdriven tones can be dialed in with the SansAmp by cranking the “drive” knob. Blend this overdriven clone in under the main bass track and you will find that it adds some nice harmonic content.

If you are wondering why we would not just add a little saturation to a single bass track, give both methods and try and listen to the results. They are two different things. When you add the dirt on a duplicate track (This is also called “parallel” or “New York style” effects), you still have all of the pure content of the original still preserved despite the fact that you ran the bass through a signal crunching overdrive box.

Recruit a keyboard in the studio
For an age old trick that will fatten up your bass sound, grab a keyboard. With the bass track already recorded, thump out…

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