Bleeding Kansas : The American Civil War Essay

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The institution of slavery was legal and eventually constitutional in the United States for 245 years. In that time, many compromises were made in the American government regarding slavery. This is particularly evident in the time period prior to 1854 in which the US government made a great deal of compromises in order to maintain the stability of American society. As 1854 began, tensions continued to rise in the United States of America surrounding the topic of slavery. Ultimately, these tensions lead to horrific violence within the nation, beginning with the events of Bleeding Kansas. Bleeding Kansas catalysed a violent reaction to the rising tensions that eventually manifested itself as the American Civil War, beginning in 1861. This progression from compromise to violence in response to a changing society has greatly impacted America. The events of Bleeding Kansas signified a shift from compromise over the issue of slavery towards violence, which would take seven years to culminate in the Civil War.
Prior to the Civil War, the American economy relied solely on slavery. African slavery began, in what is now the United States, when slaves were imported from Africa to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. These slaves were transported in what became colloquially referred to as the ‘Slave Trade’. The slave’s purpose was to aid in the production of cash crops, such as tobacco. Once America was established as a country, slavery continued to spread, but was primarily present in the…

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