Blame The Eater Analysis

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Blame the Eater
The childhood obesity epidemic within the United States has many sides, you have the three main groups that the blame is usually placed on: the consumer, the producer, and the government. One person may say the consumer is at fault because of their lack of self-control, they could have stopped eating at any time, or they didn’t have to eat at the greasy and unhealthy fast food restaurants every day of the week. Another might argue that the producers are at fault because instead of advertising healthy menu items like salads or fruit cups they advertise their very cheap hamburgers and fries, or instead of worrying about the effects their products may have on the consumer and how they can prevent their customers from becoming overweight they are worried about
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Finally we have the government, one might argue that they haven’t put in enough rules and regulations to stop the producers from selling the unhealthy food, or they haven’t done enough to promote a healthier lifestyle to the consumer. While I think that everyone is at fault I must agree with those that think the consumers are to blame. The producers are putting the food on table and the government is responsible for making laws that benefit the health of the nation, but at the end of the day no one is forcing the consumers to eat what they are eating.
In David Zinczenko’s, “Don’t Blame the Eater”, he argues that the consumers are not at fault for childhood obesity, it’s not their fault that they are unable to find a healthy and affordable alternative. Throughout his article he argues that both the producers and the government are to blame because the children don’t have the options available to them to make the right choices. He states, “Kids taking on McDonalds this week, suing the company for making them

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