Blaine 's Arms ! All I Can State Is This Is Right Essay example

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I cannot even begin to describe how I felt waking up in Blaine’s arms! All I can state is this is right, this is exactly where I belong – at his side, in his arms and a part of his life! That is the epiphany that struck me in the wee hours of the morning, one that brought a smile to my lips, a tear to my eyes and a song to my heart. Why wouldn’t it? After all, I’ve fallen completely and utterly in love with Blaine, the man everything I could hope for and so very much more. That’s not to say he doesn’t have his faults, but I’m hardly one to harp on such things.

After a bit of snuggling, talking and – well, never mind that – Blaine and I rose from bed and tended our morning constitutionals. Then we drifted into the kitchen for a bit of breakfast and a moment of discovery. I feared I’d ruin breakfast and upset Blaine, so I confessed my inability to prepare a decent meal. Rather than express disappointment, he simply chuckled and admitted he did well not to burn water. That resulted in a good round of laughter before we settled on trying our luck at grilling our breakfast. Blaine readied the grill while I sliced up a bit of fruit, neither of us craving anything heavier than that. Truth told, we didn’t want our excursions into the wild weighed down by greasy foods and the resulting drowsiness.

“The fruit’s ready,” I called as I stepped out on the back porch to find Blaine whistling and poking at the coals. “I hope you like my selection.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will,”…

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