Blade Runner Film Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… They mostly have unconditional designs like leather and PVC. Priss represents the future replacing the old, as she can be seen wearing a punk style short skirt and tights. Roy wears a futuristic long coat made of leather. All Zora wears is breast plates, short pants, big bondage boots and is covered with a plastic bag. This is totally unlike the fashion in our present time, although it might be something of the future.

There is plenty of light used during Blade Runner, with a combination of natural light and back lighting. There are no shadows, Scott only uses light available this is obscure and creates a mystery kind of atmosphere and suspense. It is like stories from

the 1940’s and 50’s. The backlighting used comes from the back towards the figure, it is almost another version of shadows. This backlighting also creates ghostly images.

Some of the other light comes from above, like when Deckard is coming up from the elevator. Most of the light comes from the neon lights from advertising, neon lights are very strong and effective in a
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Voiceovers are non-diagetic sounds, as well as the continuous soundtrack which is performed by the large Greek composer, Van Gelis. The soundtrack is a slow beat, it is the kind of beat that stay in the viewers mind for a long time, there are also bits of Arabic music in the film which together creates a supernatural atmosphere. The diagetic sound comes from rain falling, smoke going off, adverts and the little voices always taking place. The most diagetic sound comes from the overlapping all the cultural languages from the different nationalities, it can be heard most in the whole film.

In the concluding contemplation of the whole use of Misen Scène to create an effective atmosphere in Blade Runner, I would say, observing the use of streets, buildings, costumes, sounds and lighting are successful in creating an overall effective atmosphere in the story of Blade Runner. Ridley Scott has added and removed the correct sets

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