Black Women And Domestic Violence Essay

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(Luther, 2014). The NFL has made an attempt to get assistance from three women as senior advisors who are shape the NFL’s programs and policies of domestic violence and sexual assault, but they are all white (Luther, 2014). With majority of the NFL players being African American and with the statistics regarding Black women and domestic violence, there should have been diversity amongst the female senior advisors (Luther, 2014). Luther (2014) notes that the leading cause of death for Black women ages 15 to 35 is domestic violence. 22% of homicides of Black women are a result of domestic violence, which is a little over twice the population of Black women at 8% (Luther, 2014). While this paper focuses heavily on domestic violence to women at the hands of a man, the writer is aware that domestic violence is not only a women’s issue. The senior advisors could have benefitted from a male, who is able to show how to be masculine man in the football world of physical aggression and domination, but also a “loving, caring [and] empathetic person off the field” (Luther, 2014). The new policies created will not have a true impact based on the structure of the NFL. To truly make a change, the NFL’s financial power would have to be removed from the owners and commissioner. The owners are solely responsible for and constantly trying to increase their revenue and talent to assist with the revenue (Luther, 2014). The commissioner also has a duty to please the owners because they…

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