Today's Black Woman Analysis

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Today’s Black Woman: Stereotypically Black
For as long as i have been alive I have seen people do what the see. Most humans are incapable or refuse to do their own things or have an original thought. Television of today plays a key role in the society of today. It has the power to change minds create peace or chaos and deliver a message. The T.V. series Love & Hip-Hop harmfully promotes stereotypic uneducated and brash versions of today 's black woman.
L&HH portrays what society believes to be a black woman. The series shows the black female cast as rude, loud, always ready to fight,and having a large use of profanity. The sad part about this is that “the current generation has embraced these qualities
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Granted their are women like this but not all of therm are black. This is a problem because it makes it difficult for black women to make friends. People who watch the show will believe what the see and just discredit the friendship of a black woman be cause they think they will cause chaos.This is a problem because
By black women watching the show they are condoning the actions of the cast members, producers and the creator of the show. They are showing their children that “my bad behavior” is okay. they are creating children without guidance and lack morale.This is a problem because their children will start condoning disrespect and bad behaviors from others and will begin to lack self respect. When this happens. If people go around causing, fight and carrying n they have no right to get mad at the children who mimic their actions. They put their actions on display for the world to see.
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By the show putting the it 's okay to be “bad” thought into the minds of young black girls, they are actually putting the thought into the minds of all races of young black girls. No matter the race, if a child sees another child doing wrong and getting away with it they will try it themselves,i t is a trickle down effect. The show gives them an unrealistic idea of what it is to be a proper successful, and respectable young lady of today. The elder raised the children of today and get upset with the outcome. But how can they get mad about something that they

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