Discrimination Against Black Women Research Paper

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Mignon Moore argues that Black women are discriminated against in ways that often do not fit clearly within the legal categories of “racism” or “sexism”—but as a combination of both racism and sexism. However, the “legal system has generally defined sexism as based upon an unspoken reference to the injustices confronted by all (including white) women, while defining racism to refer to those faced by all (including male) Blacks and other people of color.” Basically this structure renders Black women legally “invisible” (Carbado& Gulati 2012).
Black women are not only “invisible” but also oppressed in the realm of domestic violence. Some examples of the negative effect of state intervention on abused women of color include; the arrest of those very same abused women for domestic violence,
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Wigger explains in Labor Market Racial Discrimination against Black Women; racial microaggressions are real and are sometimes felt and experienced indirectly, individuals of color are marginalized in similar ways simply because they are of color. King compiled a list of racial microaggressions that people of color, specifically black women, often experience in the workplace. The first observation he noticed was black women were often expected to speak for and on behalf of black women everywhere as Wigger says it best, “they were sometimes expected to be the barometer of racism” (2009). The second observation he noted was these women were routinely accused of being angry, aggressive, and/or difficult. The women were told that their colleagues/co-workers were intimidated by them and were afraid to approach them. You are encouraged in evaluations to “smile more,” and “be friendlier.” These African American women then went on to clarify, “I practice a fake ass smile in the mirror on my way out the door and practice all the way to work” African American women in the workforce basically, fear that their demeanor or resting face pose makes others think that they are mean

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