Discrimination Against Women Essay

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Women are becoming more involved with the corporate world at managerial levels. Although they are progressing and ranking up through corporations, they still remain discriminated at senior and executive levels. They are limited to jobs such as teachers and nurses, or even secretaries. Women are not seen to have the potential leadership at a senior level to fit the image of a successful corporation. The workforce should be more diverse since we live in a modern day society. There should be an equal amount of both men and women working at a corporation. During the second wave of feminism, the feminists established the effort to make sure that women had equal opportunities as men. The equality act was established to make the workplace a fair and equal place to all women, however inequality still persists. The Equal Pay Act requires that both men and women to be given equal pay for …show more content…
This is also known as gender pay gap, which states that women are consistently getting paid less for performing the same exact job tasks as men.(N.D.) Over the years part of the gender pay gap issue stated that women chooses to work for part-time work and lower paid industries, however even women working full time in higher paying industries earn less than males. Women even to present day are still underrepresented in top corporate jobs. Education has a major impact on job opportunities. In today’s society many women further their education and are obtaining degrees from associates, bachelors, masters and even doctoral degrees. According to a study conducted by George Washington University in 2010, “Earnings for women with college degrees have increased by thirty-three percent since 1970 compared to a twenty-two percent increase for male college graduates.”(IVNUS, 2014) Even with higher education and an earned degree some women are still being paid less than men who has a lower degree or no degree. According to

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