Essay on Black People And Its Impact On Society

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The other is the group of people that seem to lack significance in society because they do not match the norms of that society. They are the ones that are looked upon as nothing more than a liability; yet, at the same time, they are fought over as if they are a necessity. In 1619, black people shipped from Africa to America have since been used and abused in a biased society where all “men” are created equal in the land of the free. When black people began to learn about the rights bestowed upon them by the founding fathers of America, the men of America beat them down in an attempt to continue subjugating them. And when black people gained political significance, half of America fought a Civil War in favor of keeping slaves in the same place they had been since they were brought to America. Yet, somehow, the men of America twisted the idea that the institution of slavery was considered a necessity by believing that it was the right thing to do. Although America relied on black people in order to thrive independently in the western world, the subjugation and disrespect targeted towards black people consequently provoked a revolution in order to change the way society perceived blacks. During the Rational time period, the American society neglected and treated blacks as unjustly as ever before; however, several events that took place and writings created during this time period foreshadowed the evolution of role blacks played in America. In 1770, in an attempt to gain…

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