Black Hair By Gary Soto Essay

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Humans are surrounded by poverty everywhere they go, but never realized the long lasting effects of it in our society and individuals. In the essay "Black Hair" by Gary Soto, he explains the life of a young seventeen year old Mexican who struggles on the streets to make a decent living . Soto is able to portray the emotions and experiences of his life by writing the essay in first person. The audience has the opportunity to relate towards what life is when not having a place to sleep at night, being tired from work and dirty because there is no home to go to and shower. Likewise, in the story "Sonny 's Blues" by James Baldwin, a black teacher living in the "ghetto" city of Harlem, explains in first person the struggles of his brother Sonny who is a heroin user. As well as Raymond Carver, who writes in first person "My Father 's Life" revealing the shame and cycle of being poor. Therefore the intellectual effect of being a conformist and the emotional effect of hopelessness towards succeeding in life represent the similarity between the essays of Soto, Baldwin, and Raymond. The circumstance under which a poor person lives doesn 't necessarily depend on their ethnicity but also on their upbringing and family history. Soto tells the lack of succeeding in his life as a homeless Mexican. He is affected intellectually by the negative idea he has set on his mind that his fate is, "To marry Mexican poor, work Mexican hours and in the end die a Mexican death, broke and…

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