Black Codes During The Reconstruction Era

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Black codes relate to the the theme Encounter. During this time blacks were dealing with a lot of problems because of the color of their skin. The whites tried to earn their control back over blacks after the civil war, creating chaos ("Black Codes" West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.). Black codes gave blacks very few rights, This shows how this is portraying the theme of encounter because blacks were encountering injustice and racism. To encounter something means to come across conflict/ have problems with something, which was a big issue for African Americans during this time.

In 1865 and 1866 black codes were created by southerners to fatherly oppress freed blacks. During the time of black codes reconstruction was also taking place (1865-1877). During the reconstruction period is when blacks started to gain a voice in the government. This upset whites and made them fear for their superiority in society. This is why they created black codes. Black codes restricted blacks from learning to read or write. They couldn't go to the same public facilities as whites. And every single free black person had to have a job.

In 1865 the Freedmen's Bureau was established to help previous slaves. Black codes were then entirely eliminated by reconstruction. When Reconstruction ended in 1877 black codes were
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Not only did this happen in our city, but it was a rare situation, something many people probably didn't know we had encountered before. Knowing things from the past help us grow mentally because it gives you more knowledge about things you didn't know happened. History makes your mind wonder, it makes you stronger. Black codes weren't a pretty memory for blacks but everyone can look at it to grow from, to make sure the city of Chicago or any other state who experienced this, never come across a situation like this

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