Black And Blue Or White And Gold? Essay

1089 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
“Black and Blue or White and Gold?” Sometimes our perception of things is affected by what we choose to see. For my rhetorical analysis, I will be focusing on is the advertisement above by CareHaven and The Salvation Army. This advertisement is depicting a woman that has supposedly been in an abusive relationship or been recently abused, and she is wearing the illusive “dress”, that swept the internet, with the dress’ true colors being an illusion; sometimes appearing black-and-blue, or white-and-gold. This illusion is the perfect connection for the ad because to some people the dress appeared to be black and blue, while to others it was white and gold; just like how some people see the black and blue bruises of abuse while others prefer to see white and gold, and ignore the bruises instead. However, the dress had no connection to relationship abuse before this advertisement, it simply was a social phenomenon that had no real meaning. Once the dress was used in this advertisement however, it was connected to abuse and had a whole new meaning. The advertisement utilizes the fame and popularity of the dress’ mystery to compare the black-and-blue iteration of the dress to the black-and-blue appearance of bruises. This ad gains its appeal from the idea that humans would care more about whether or not a dress was a certain color, and less about a woman being in a potentially abusive relationship. The advertisement even goes as far as to add that her abuse was not…

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