Negative Consequences Of Birthright Citizenship

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1.Due to the supposed negative consequences anchor babies pose citizenship birthright to citizenship has become a main component of in immigration. Anchor Babies is a new term coined to describe children born from undocumented parents (Kendall 350).
2“Believing that the 14th amendment alone would be the answer as to what to door how to see anchor babies is not there is too it upon closer examination the results of such ideas reveal that that actions towards this subject should not be taken lightly. This article shows a combination or history about birthright citizenship, and legislative cases,” (Kendall 350).
3. Being a citizen of the United states awards so many different privileges. These privileges should not be taken from one because it
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In fact the number has increased so much at one point it exceeded the number of actual citizens (Gerking and Mutti …show more content…
Studying conceptual styems succesfully has opened ideas to new means of constructing securtiy systems which is crucial to our security (Gerking and Mutti 1125).
15. This is not fully the priority at EU level of immigration policy. Which is why our four sample show the four subfields of immigration; We’ve selected documents on the asylum sample from now on (Gerking and Mutti 1126).
16Our methd is based on highly advanced siftware and computers. Among other things the LWIC calculates frequency in almost any given written situation and provides mathemtaical reasoning to support its results (Gerking and Mutti 1127).
17. Desoite the court’s answer the case of U.S vs Rhodes shows that the 14th amendment has not yet been fully understood to answer the quesion whois a natural born citizen of the U.S. However less than 320 years later the amendment was recognized and accepted enough to include a chinese american born in California (Kendall 358).
18. Most countries allowed birthright citizenship because it was an easy way of knowing who is subject to the Kings power. However as time passes nations from all over are choosing to forgo this policy (Kendall

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