Awareness Of International Immigration

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The problem of migration has always been an issue, but recently it has escalated to the point, where politicians are paying close attention to it. They have also make immigration an issue on their agendas to be focus on in security matter, especially in Western Europe and the United States. The awareness of international migration poses a threat in conjunction with the ever growing number of immigrant in the world. Statistics has been showing that there were more than 191 million persons living outside their countries of origin in 2005 . However, this number has gone up with estimations showing that by the end of 2010 there were 214 million immigrants in the world.
As a result of the current ongoing debate of national security, immigration
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Therefore, from this view, immigration can be regarded as societal security threat as it offers challenge on State core values and its national identity. In additional, some of the Western countries that traditionally have been receiving migrants like Germany may have a different opinion on national identity and therefore may accept more immigrants as part of strengthening and supporting its policy on multiculturalism. In the study conducted in Germany and Canada showed that while Canada embraced immigration as important to its development, the growing number of immigrant in Germany was considered as a consequence due to large number of asylum seekers and refugees. Each State especially in Western Europe has its own unique history on the effects of immigration policies and how it is perceived as a threat. For instance, in 1971 Canada supported multiculturalism policy while Germany has been supporting assimilation of its …show more content…
There has been argument that high rates of crimes has been intensified by immigration as well as threat that immigrant bring to public order. Several studies have been showing that many cities in Western Europe have higher crime rates due to increased number of immigrants. For instance, in the study conducted in 2001 in Spain, the ratio of immigrants in one prison was higher than the ratio of host prison population. Some have counter-argued to the popular notion, that there are no strong correlation between immigration and criminality. However, Westbrook argued that majority of those who were involved in a crime were single men aged eighteen to

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