Birth Control Changed Through The New Medicine And Technology

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Time changes everything, including the viewpoints of childbirth, motherhood, and birth control. Over this semester we have discussed multiple poets who have written about these topics. Society has changed the way these three topics have been looked upon. Motherhood has changed through Women’s Rights Movement. Childbirth changed through the new medicine and technology. Birth control changed by new methods and the Birth Control Movement. 19th century poets and writers who were discussing these topics were considered to be very controversial. 20th century poets express the change of time with all of the movements through their writing. 20th century poetry were more open to childbirth, birth control, and motherhood writings. Poets and writers from the 19th and 20th century have expressed their viewpoints of motherhood, childbirth, and birth control that have changed over time. Closer examination shows that these writers have choose certain ways to write about these topics to express the personal opinion and the different attitudes as the times change. From the 19th century to the 20th century many differences occurred with birth control, child birth, and motherhood. While looking up information on 19th century, childbirth and birth control kept reappearing with one woman in common. Her name was Kate Chopin, she was a writer, mother, poet, and expressed her opinion about these topics. She was nineteen when she met her husband Oscar Chopin, they got married in 1870 and had six…

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