Homer Hickman's October Sky

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The film October Sky, is a true story based on the main character Homer Hickman, following his journey of obstacles and setbacks as he aspired to work with rockets while being pressured by his dad, a miner, to follow in the family tradition of coal mining. Despite his different aspirations, Homer unfortunately ends up in a mine channel because he did not have a more effective plan if constructing rockets was not a success. But in 1975, Homer dreams finally became a reality for him with the initial fascination of the Soviet Satellite Sputnik that was visible in Homer’s hometown, Coalwood, during the night time. That was the night Homer makes the decision that he will construct rockets for the contexts of space missions. Although he experienced …show more content…
But what is ironic about their dynamic relationships is that Homer ultimately desired to please his father, but on his own terms which his farther did not understand.
Because of John’s judgment and attitude towards Homer’s career goals, it discouraged his ability to be succeed towards his aspirations. He began to doubt himself and listen to what he believes others, such as his dad believing what was best for him. A viewer can easily see the change in Homer’s attitude when he was designing rockets versus mining. He was genuinely happy and passionate about something different and exciting and he could not share that moment with his dad. Every guy, at least once in their life looked for satisfaction from their dad and the sought the feeling of making him proud; and Homer desperately craved it from his dad. But also the lack of support from his dad aspired him to push and work harder to prove him wrong which led to him finally standing up to his dad and making his own decisions. So ultimately he discovered the positive out of a negative situation and turned it into success instead of dwelling on it the inevitable and accepting his own

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