Essay Bipolar Individuals With Comorbid Alcohol Abuse

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According to Leahy’s article, “bipolar individuals with comorbid alcohol abuse will have higher rates of rapid cycling, symptom severity, suicidality, aggressively and impulsivity” (Leahy). Unfortunately bipolar disorder is generally misdiagnosed as unipolar depression. “Depending on the population, between 7% and 52% of patients diagnosed with unipolar depression actually have bipolar disorder” (Culpepper2015) and could possibly go unrecognized for a long time or more from manifestation onset to first treatment. One study reported that patients were misdiagnosed an ordinary of 3.5 times and had seen 4 specialists before being precisely analyzed. “In addition, 60% of misdiagnosed patients felt that doctors had an insufficient comprehension of bipolar disorder” (Culpepper2015). To confirm the determination of bipolar disorder, clinicians must assess the applicable side effects. Primary care physicians should analyze comorbidities, for example, PTSD or an anxiety disorder and search for different outcomes of turmoil related practices. Understanding the reality of side effects and shortcoming is the best approach to isolating bipolar I and bipolar II. Furthermore, attesting the determination this information is key for selecting treatment, coordinating patients, and spurring patients to take after clinical proposals. In Culpepper’s article he even recommends that you get “another viewpoint of the patient’s history from a family member or trusted friend (with the patient’s…

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