Biometric Security Essay

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Nowadays, not many people can walk down the street without running into someone connected to cyberspace. The Internet of Things is a broad term used to define an entire system of devices connected to cyberspace that can communicate with one another. As shown in figure 1.1, there are many devices just at home that can be considered a part of the IoT. This figure is just a small example of all devices that are connected to cyberspace. The term IoT can cover phones, watches, laptops and just about anything mobile that connects to cyberspace. With the IoT constantly expanding due to new internet ready devices introduced, new security measures must be taken to protect these devices. Every new device introduced into the IoT is a potential entry …show more content…
One solution to secure these devices physically is the use of biometrics. Biometric security is the use of a biological data to secure the phone, this includes fingerprint, iris or face scanners. As previously stated, the use of four number pins are ineffective because if given enough time or preparation, any hacker can bypass this. This problem is similar for most passwords within any online service, which is why most phones offer to save passwords when accessing certain applications. The main problem with a password is that it must be long and difficult to guess for it to be effective. But this causes users to use the same password across different services, or just use simple passwords that are easy to remember (Albahdal and Boult 294). Biometric data offers a substantial increase in security over the traditional password system since there is no forgetting your biometrics and there is no guessing your biometrics. Many companies, such as Apple, Google and Samsung, are adopting biometrics as a form of security for mobile phones. Biometrics on a small scale, like just on a mobile phone, is effective. But, there are some shortcomings when it comes to biometric security in the

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