Essay on Biology Of A Monster By Adolf Hitler

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When we look at Adolf Hitler’s life, for the most part see a monster, which killed millions of people who he thought were of lessor life. He can be described as one who brought terrible tragedy upon our world with his ideologies of a great race, need for land, and thirst for that power that was lost in the Great War. By all means Hitler was all of those terrible things that we have stuck in the vision of our minds, but what brought him to that breaking point? At what point did he go wrong? I mean no man is born to be a monster, right? Was it possibly his many arguments with his father over his choices at school, or maybe his failure as an artist? Was it the death of his younger brother Edmund, as it has been said that this caused Hitler to lose his confidence, and caused him to have even more troubles with his father and at school. Adolf Hitler was not brought up among monsters, he was not taught that every other person in the world besides Germans were weak and worthless at a young age. Though it does seem that he had a great love for Germany early on in life, it was not as fanatical as it had become later in Hitler’s life. When Hitler joined the Army at the start of World War One maybe his mind was made it by that point that Germany was the greatest place on earth, but he was never as fanatical as he was to come in the aftermath of the Great War. Germany suffered great troubles at the end of world war One, and Adolf Hitler took these hardships…

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