Biological Psychology Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The course will include a critical examination of issues and assumptions of personality studies. Through this course, the students will be exposed to different research methodologies employed by different psychologists in formulating or validating personality theories. The course will consider the nature and dynamics of the Filipino personality.

Abnormal Psychology (ABPSYCH)
3 units
Prerequisite : Theories of Personality
Prerequisite to : Clinical
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This course aims to introduce the students to the community mental health perspectives, which are cultural relativity, diversity and ecology. The students will be trained experientially to pay attention to the fit between environments and persons which may or may not be good, to focus on action directed toward the competencies of persons and environments rather than their deficits, and to veer away from single social norms or values but instead look at the promotion of diversity. The students will exposed to community diagnosis and treatment models rather than individual illness and treatment models. In terms of mental health, approach is on principles of prevention rather than curative. Part of the coursework will be conducted in a community for experiential learning. Hence, the course will only be offered during the summer …show more content…
The course will familiarize the students with the historical roots, important theories and concepts, and research methodologies in Environmental Psychology. Discussions will include the Filipino concept of environment such as perception of space, privacy and crowding, and health and stress-inducing milieus. Application of psychological principles in the study and development of different environment sectors in the Philippines such as the house, leisure/relaxation spots, learning environment, work environment, mental health settings and the squatters area will be discussed. The course will likewise introduce the students to the different environmental issues facing the country such as air and noise pollution, conservation of nature, effects of modernization such as zoning and greening, and tourism interventions that are income generating but could cause destruction of the traditional ways of

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