Adorn And Allum Case Study

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Outline the similarities and differences between the research studies of Adorno et al. (1950) and Allum (2011) on personality types.

This essay is going to look at Adorn et al.’s (1950) and Allum’s (2011) studies on personality in block format and then it is going to outline the main similarities and differences. Although, it is impossible to fit all their studies here i,e Adorn et al.’s (1950) work is a book over one thousand pages (McAvoy, 2012) and Allum’s (2011) (McAvoy, 2017) article is over seven thousand words, but it is going to demonstrate the main points in very concise paragraphs.

Theodor Adorno a well-known sociologist from Germany and Frenkel-Brunswick a child psychologist from Austria that had fled Germany in 1930s were invited by Nevitt Sanford a psychology professor, who worked at the University of California at Berkeley, in the 1940s, to join his project and co-operate with him as part of his research team and work on constructing a method of measuring anti-Semitism (hostility and prejudice towards Jews). Sanford had also recruited a PhD student, Daniel Levinson for this purpose. Smith (1997) cited in McAvoy (2012, p. 46) Although, Theodor Adorno was not the main contributor to the authoritarian personality study it is purely because the authors decided to list the researchers’ names alphabetically, and ‘A’ comes first in the alphabet. That is also the reason why, the study is known as Adorno et al. (1950). McAvoy (2012, p. 27)

Adorno et al began the

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