Biography Of Wilson Freedman 's ' Hell ' Essays

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Wilson Freedman and his wife Dayana sit inside a much too familiar office at Sloan Kettering. The room is well lit with green carpets and through the window they could see the traffic on fifth avenue picks up. Wilson sits on the right of his wife. With his right hand he picks at the synthetic leather in his green chair, and with his left he holds his wife’s hand.
“There is something about these chairs, they never can properly support a big guy like me,” Wilson says attempting to lighten up the mood. Only to no avail , his wife stood still as a statue, her eyes fixed on the hardwood floor. “Yes Willy.” Dayana murmurs out under her tears. Wilsons tries not to show his emotions but slowly his big frame starts to sink into his chair. It was a few weeks ago he went to the doctor for his yearly checkup. Of course like most people he went in expecting nothing, he was healthy; He was running in Central Park, enjoying the autumn air. A week after his checkup he got a call from the doctor, suggesting that Wilson should go to Sloan Kettering to run some tests. The doctor said it should be nothing, just an error in the system. Wilson was stunned, he knew it was probably nothing, but what if he had cancer? It was this very thought that kept him sleepless for several nights. He would lay in bed, covered in sheets, holding his wife as if each night would be the last time he could hold her. Today was the day; the big news. In his embrace with his wife he thought about all the beautiful…

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