He Was One Of The World's Greatest Narcissist

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This person died recently, and I believe he was one of the world’s largest narcissist. He was convinced that he was superior to others. He looked at most people as a threat to himself. He was not one to be criticized or spoken ill about. If he thought that you were a threat, he would make you go away. As he remained in charge, he became more convinced that he was the ultimate ruler. Again, if you did not agree with his views you were made to go away, whether it was an exile, prison, or death.
His father immigrated to this country, and he was born out of wedlock. This man was educated and had a degree to be a lawyer before he became interested in ruling this nation. He is recognized for establishing one of the world 's longest-running dictatorships, and he was a captivating leader in the early ’60. He later converted his rule into a sophisticated cult which he used to brutalize the people of his nation. This was a constant feeling among anyone who
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He did not care what others often felt or thought about his actions as he believed he knew what was best. Groups of citizens were encouraged to observe and document illegal, subversive, or terrorist activity. By doing this, he could keep control over his nation. He did not want statues erected in his honor but instead, would have large photographs which include his propaganda slogans to further his rule. Consequently, he has had no public building, streets, museums or schools named after him in his country. However, he has remained recognized with statues and memorials in countries that have not had the experience to be ruled by him. It is ironic that his nation would not accept him but others that did. Even when his health was failing, he refused to give up his control. Instead of appointing family members to different posts, so that he could still be the real leader through

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