Charles Shmid Research Paper

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Many people have come to believe that Charles Schmid was only slightly narcissistic and egotistical, but not to the point of malignant narcissism. However, this is not the right way to think when it comes to Charles Schmid. Malignant narcissists, unlike normal narcissists, are destructive in nature, and are not afraid to inflict brutality towards others. They also have criminal tendencies. Charles Schmid was destructive in the sense that he murdered three people just for the sake of wanting to feel the thrill of killing. He has an extremely manipulative personality, always being able to infatuate women despite his creepiness. This is a trait of a malignant narcissist and not a normal one. Charles Schmid is far from you everyday narcissist; his criminal and destructive tendencies put him on the level of a sociopath, or a malignant narcissist. Charles Schmid was a very egotistical man who always bragged about his doings, often bragging to his friends about his sexual exploitations. He was also known by the people around him for being a pathological liar, constantly lying to women that he had terminal illnesses or that he was connected to the mafia. He would also go as far as to brag about his murders, asking for help burying the rotting corpse of Gretchen Fritz. His nickname, Pied Piper of Tuscon, was given to him because of …show more content…
It may not be crystal clear on whether or not Charles Schmid actually suffered from malignant narcissism, but he showed many signs of it. Many who are diagnosed with malignant narcissism have egocentric or sadistic personality traits, and can be very manipulative. Charles Schmid constantly bragging about the things he does contributes to the egocentric personality found in malignant narcissists. People who suffer from this syndrome can produce destructive actions and dangerous thoughts, which may have prompted Charles Schmid to murder the females that he

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