Bill Of Rights Vs Freedom Of Speech

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Imagine what people lives would be if they could be arrested for stating words government officials didn’t like. The Bill of Rights is certain freedoms Americans have that cannot be denounced away and an Amendment is an official legal document. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2000) The Bill of Rights is a document or piece of legislation setting out the rights or entitlements of a particular group or class of people. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2000) an Amendment is an official change in a law, contract, constitution or other legal document. The Bill of Rights are natural freedoms such as freedom of speech and the right to privacy that Americans are guaranteed to keep, an Amendment is an official legal document. The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendment’s to the …show more content…
Freedom of speech was legalized only in 1905 before falling victim to Soviet repression, according to (Powers, 2011). Consequently, freedom of speech and freedom of expression entail the same meaning. Freedom of speech could sometimes be more rancorous than freedom of expression. According to (Shipler, 2015) Freedom of speech implies freedom to hear without willing listeners, brilliant thinkers cannot educate, brave orators cannot mobilize, and daring leakers cannot reform. The unseen play, the unread book, the ignored appeal, fall silently away. The unheard lament flutters and fails. (p. 11). The analogy Shipler used was excellent. This statements entails that Americans have the right to hear others speak without eagerly wanting to listen. Therefore, Americans have the ability to pretend to listen to others speak if they desire to choose so. This statement also entail that Americans have the ability to ignore people voices if they desire too. People have the choice to speak and hear freely, it does not incline that were listening or speaking the way one feel he/she should

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