Essay on Bill Gates View On Education

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Education, the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. This is the definition provided by the Oxford Dictionary, but education has a different meaning to many people around the world. Some see education as a way of expanding their knowledge in a profession they love, others see education as a way of getting a chance at a better life, and others see education as a waste of time. Bill Gates view on education is to leave out the liberal-arts and focus more on what was going to help a student get a better job. On the other hand, Steve Jobs believed that the liberal-arts should be kept in the education system to appreciate the major a student selects. But what does education mean to someone that is not as well off and successful, someone like me? Education is a learning stop on the journey of life, a chance to pursue a life my parents could only dream of, a chance to learn my strengths and weaknesses, and a chance to strengthen my relationship with God. There is always going to be something that causes people to stop and ponder on the task ahead. As a child, people dream of possible and impossible tasks. They dream of one day maybe flying to the moon, becoming a hometown hero, or even being successful leader in our world today. To purse these dreams, however, we must stop and wait twelve years, sometimes more or less, before we can make an attempt at our dreams. However, dreams are constantly changing for those twelve or so…

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