Essay on Bill Gates : The World Is The Richest Man Alive

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Bill Gates to the world is the richest man alive. The reasons he exceeds in business are in his book, Business @ the Speed of Thought. The book was released around 1999, when all businesses began to grow exponentially. This book was also on the New York Times bestseller list in 1999. Bill Gates discusses many ways of how modern technology will be the future of businesses. In the very first chapter, Bill Gates confers of what businesses should do with information. By establishing a digital nervous system as Gates says, will free up space for businesses to easily gather, value, and analyze information. Gates uses an example of how Alfred P. Sloan Jr. gathers and uses information to turn his business, General Motors, into the computer age. Sloan visits GM’s dealers privately and finds out car business were changing. Sloan changes how GM’s structure works and everyone related to the company uses the same financial analysis to make their decisions. Bill Gates suggests that differentiating your company from others in the digital age should be quickly collect and analyze customer feedbacks. Companies should focus and apply new ideas based on the customers’ feedbacks. Evaluate and implement what the customers wants is one-step closer to beating competitors in a race. A computer can process information and calculate formulas in an instant verse a human taking more time and energy to perform the same. Apply technology to business operation will boost efficiency and creativity. I…

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