Bill Gates : How Important It Is Essay

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Bill Gates
“What’s amazing is, if young people understood how doing well in school making the rest of their life so much more interesting, they would be more motivated. Its far away in time that they can’t appreciate what it means for their whole life” (“Bill GAtes Brainy Quotes”). Bill Gates said this quote referring to how important it is to do good in school. William Henry Gates the third aka Bill Gates was born October 28 1955. When he was younger he was a voracious reader spent hours reading encyclopedias. At age 11 Bill Gates seemed bored and withdrawn at times. At 13 he was enrolled into Seattle 's Lakeside school (“Bill Gates”). This is where he met Paul Allen and they became quick friends. While growing up both their interests in computers grew to form microsoft later after school. Bill Gates is one of the most powerful and successful business people in the world due to his multi-billion dollar microsoft company, endless charity work lack of education.
Bill Gates success is from his multi-billion dollar microsoft company. At the age of 13 Bill Gates started showing interests in computer programing. While at Lakeside school he spent much of his time in the computer room working with the terminals in there. After a while Bill and his friend Paul Allen found a glitch in the computer system and they took advantage of it. They got their computer privileges revoked. Bill and Allen made a payroll for the company they hacked into then created a schedule program for their…

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