Bill Gates : A True American Legend Essay

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When people think about Bill Gates they have a tendency to think of him as just the billionaire who founded Microsoft. What they do not realize is that he is so much more than that. Bill Gates has shaped our world into what it is today through technology and charity work. With hard work and simple kindness, he has impacted millions of lives. Some say Bill Gates is simply lucky, however few know that he is a true American legend for his work in shaping technology at such a young age, the confounding of Microsoft, and his immense amount of philanthropic work. So, how did Bill Gates get his start with computers? Well, he was born into a successful family in Seattle, Washington. He attended a very nice private school called Lakeside School. Here, he was able to be apart of a group that solved computing problems for the school. At this specific time few organizations had computers and even less had the ability to actually use them, so his knowledge of programming was of great use. Gate’s got his first programming experience in 1968 at Lakeside School when the school bought access to a time-sharing system. With this system Gates and his friend Paul Allen were able to make $4,200 for writing an academic scheduling system for the school. His next big move was to partner with Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert to create the Traf-O-Data machine when the Intel 8008 chip was released. In the 1970s, the government measured the amount of traffic on streets by placing rubber hoses across them…

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