Bilingual Education Program For Educational Statistics Essay examples

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ccording to the data from the National Center for Educational Statistics, in the 2002-2003 school year there was an estimate of 4.1 million ELL students (NCES, 2015). However, this number has increase throughout the years. In the 2012-2013 school year there was an estimate of 4.4 million ELLs (NCES, 2015).In addition, Texas is one of the six states that has “10.0% or more of public school students” that are English language learners (NCES, 2015). Since there are a growing number of ELLs, it is vital for me to be aware of the instructional programs school districts are using to help these students become proficient in the English language.
Bilingual Education Program A bilingual education program is one instructional program elementary schools are using to help ELL students. In this program, instruction is given in a student’s “native language and over time shifting to teaching the students in English” (Tuckman & Monetti, 2011, p.157). The criteria I found interesting for this program was that there should be more than 20 ELL students in the school to use a bilingual education program (Texas Education Agency, 2012).Although I was enrolled in a bilingual education program, I did not know there were two systems. The two systems used in a bilingual education program are a one-way and a two-way system. One-way and two-way system. According to the TEA website (2012), a one-way system is only for students who are English language learners. ELLs are grouped in a classroom…

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