ESOL Program

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- Hello, Mrs. Carroll. Thank you for your desire to give us Interview about ESOL program and let’s begin!
- You know that a good reporter always gives his or her subject questions ahead of the time to be prepared. (Both of us laughing)
- Mrs. Carroll, do you know how long there has been an ESOL program in our school?
- Yes! Almost 40 years!
- Wow!
- Mrs. Paulie, who was my predecessor and who retired in 2013 opened the program, when she was about 21 or 22 years old and I think she told me that she had run this program for 36 years and this is my third year as an ESOL director so this means it is almost 40 years that the program has been active here. It started off very small and it just blew up! (Both of us laughing)
- How would you evaluate
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So they can learn to read, learn to write, and to speak in front of strangers which they will have to do in college anyways. When they get to level 3, it is only reading and writing class, because the speaking aspect has started to kick in and ESOL 3 students are the ones that are making the transition, they are the ones that are almost ready to go. At ESOL 4, they still need a little support, because they came here maybe older or they are not the best students, so they don’t test well. ESOL 5 is just another support class. Sometimes, we get a lot of seniors there who had some interactions in their educational process in their country so they still need that ESOL support. And every teacher has different teaching style. There is no one teaching style. Some teachers are strict, some are easygoing and funny, some have high standards, some can get close to the kids, others are, you know, they don’t cross the line. It is just in any given situation, for every teacher there is a different way of how they handle kids.
- Alright so, in the beginning, do ESOL students fall in silence period when they don’t talk and they get stressed because of the language
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We have always had students who go in robotics and engineering, the IB program and college possible. And if a child wants to go to the IB program, I would never stand in their way, because that is something that tells me about their character and that they want to work really hard. I usually put a step in front of them and I see how they go over this step and then I sign up on the paper because I have never tried to hold the child back. The success of the any country is based on the amount of students who choose to challenge themselves and to make their lives and the lives of everybody around them better. I am all for

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