Big Cats Essay

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The Lions, Tigers, Jaguars are the most fascinating and dominating animals. Those three animals are known as the big Cats. The big cats rule different parts of the globe and are definitely at the top of the food chain. They all are endangered with becoming extinct due to humans and environments but they’re still thriving in their environment. The top three big cats are similar but have differences that make them unique when it comes to hunting. Tigers live up to 10-15 years, weigh up to 675 pounds and as low as 220 pounds, stand 3.3 ft. tall, and are up to 9 ft. long. Tigers hunt at night and ambush their prey and rely on of their camouflage to not be seen. To kill their prey they knock over the animal with their weight and kill with a lethal bite to the neck. They are outstanding swimmers and can kill prey while swimming. Tigers are known to live in solitary and are …show more content…
They each have small differences in hunting and size that makes dramatic differences in their environment and how they act and hunt. They each prefer certain things to eat from Jaguars habit to eat Fish to Lions love of Zebras. They’re talented rather they swim to eat, hide in trees, or straight up ambush their prey. These big cats are at the top of the food chain and have no predators besides humans and their endangered environments. There’s only one species of Jaguars, 7 species of Lions, and Tigers had 9 species only 5 are still alive today (Dirk) (“Lion”) (“Jaguar”). Tigers are endangered with only 3,000-4,500 still alive in the wild. Jaguars are threatened with around 15,00 of them left in the wild. Lions are threatened with only about 20,000 left in certain parts of the world as they’ve declined from 200,000. No matter how good of hunters and survivalist these cats are they can’t defeat humans with guns and humans taking away their environment. These cats will continue to roam around the jungles and eat whatever they please at

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