Arguments Against Lion Hunting

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In ancient time, lion hunting, as a sport, normally was reserved for kings. It was such an honor for people if the king invited them to accompany. Of course, basically only nobles had the chance and they would never turn the chance down. Ancient people treated lion hunting as the symbolic of power, and so do people in modern societies. Lion hunting is still exists in certain areas nowadays. Actually, lion hunting now become a subject of controversy. Trophy hunting is an important contributing factor. Someone said that trophy hunting is a good way of limiting the damage or the revenue local people can gain from lion hunting. However, an objective look at the matter is still been needed. The number of lions is decreasing incredibility during past several years. Human beings started to realize that lions should be listed as endangered animals and not to hunted because of economic gains and controlled hunting. …show more content…
Most African countries are very poor and for them, revenue is a major problem, and tourism has been marked out as a primary income earner for a long time (Songorwa, 2013). In this case, the government can earn more per person by opening the hunting to public than the general wildlife tourisms. Many hunters and even some researchers argue that trophy hunting, as a rich man’s sport, can gain more money into local communities than any other activities. According to Wikipedia, the business is roaring (Wikipedia- Lion hunting). It may have merits- the hunting is regulated which allows for structured lion hunting, since the lions hunted are mostly males with quotas being set (Songorwa, 2013). The structured form of hunting helps eliminate threats to illegal hunting. Also, we do not have a suitable alternative to replace right

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