Essay on Big Business Is Only for Making Money!

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Big business is not only about making money??
Running a big business, an unfathomably huge amount of capital is the basic requirement. Employing thousands of employees, setting up branches all over the city and providing a large-scale production to meet the enormous demand are impossible to the one who is short of funds. Last year, Café de Coral group, one of the biggest companies in Hong Kong, whose fast food chain was boycotted due to it exploitation of labour. It gave its frontline staff a nominal HK $2 per hour increase while withdrawing their free lunch break, effectively lowering rather than raising their overall salaries. Some even censure that what big business is doing is nothing but making money. In fact, that’s what’s happening
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Apart from the ‘Café de Coral boycott’ mentioned above, what those companies have done to the employees is more than cutting down the labour income. In 2008, the financial tsunami swamped the Hong Kong economy. At that time, it was not easy to find a job. Yet at the same time, it was facile to lose a job. Despite the difficulty in seeking a new job, some big companies in Hong Kong started the dismissing trend. The others then jumped on the band-wagon by firing out tons of labour. This resulted in a surge in the unemployment rate. The red flag was hoisted and people were suffered a lot. Whenever there is an economic crisis, the employees but not the employers would be the scapegoats in the first place. However, once the company has made a profit, it is not likely for it to share the fruits with its labourers. There are always protests against the exploitation of Hong Kong workers. Many people work all day for mere pittance. The increase in income will never catch up with the inflation rate. The disappointment of the public is a piece of convincing evidence to prove that the big businesses aim at making profits only. On the other hand, some big companies are acclaimed of their devotion to charities. Some may even organize corresponding events to raise funds for the needy. Do you really think that the motive of the big businesses is just giving a helping hand to the receivers? The answer is manifest. In

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