Biblical Theology Is The Way A Person Interprets The Bible Essay

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Biblical theology is the way a person interprets the bible. Interpreting the bible is an approach that concerns the understanding of earlier scriptures, knowledge of world history, and events and statements to understand the world we live in. The bible can also be analyzed as a big story, consisting of a setting, characters and plot.
To understand biblical theology, one must first understand the bible as a whole. The Bible is a composition of 66 books by several authors in different time periods. Even though several centuries passed between the writing of each book, the books, as a whole, create a story that tells one about oneself and the world. Therefore, to understand the bible, one must understand the worldview of the authors of the bible; how the authors of the bible see the world. Jesus understood the worldview of interpreting the bible by what he learned from Moses and the Prophets. Moses, on the other hand, learned how to see the world through the bible from the description of “God’s words and his deeds” and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Moses also used events and statements to interpret the meaning of world. For instance, in Numbers 22-24, Moses did not say everything that Balaam said and did. Moses selected what he wanted to use and arranged it in the best possible way to interpret the true story of Balaam’s oracles (Hamilton, 2013 p.15-23).
The bible is analyzed as a big story. It consists of a setting, characters and a plot. Its setting mostly takes…

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