`` Beyond Good Cop / Bad Cop : A Look At Real Life Interrogations

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I choose to write about Douglas Starr’s responses to his interview with Terry Gross from Fresh Air about his article in the New Yorker called “Beyond Good Cop/ Bad Cop: A Look At Real-Life Interrogations.” Starr’s interview covered the topic “Do Police Interrogations Techniques Produce False Confessions?” The bottom line is yes. However, in this on air radio interview with Starr, he compares how two techniques frequently used by law enforcement in the United States with the Reid Method and another used predominately by areas in Europe with the PEACE method underline issues that cause these wrongful convictions. Starr’s discusses how the America’s law enforcement has monopolized the Reid techniques in the protocols of interrogation techniques under these premises of catching people in a lie that is paired with anxiety attributes from physical and verbal characteristics. Starr’s belief this is not true due to the out dated scientific data used by scientists that leads police to faulty premises to accuse innocence people in crimes that they have not committed. However, I believe these techniques are good starting points in the initial interrogation process, but not solely basing the person’s whole testimony on these scientific principles how people show anxiety ques for lying when confronted in situation that is going to question their integrity, humility, or be convicted of something that will lead to severe consequences. The pressure exuded by the interrogators can have…

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