Best Care Measures For Her Diabetes Essay

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In the case study of Mary, an obese, African American woman, we are given the opportunity to explore best care measures for her diabetes. Currently, she is taking 800 mg of Metformin daily and maintaining a diabetic diet along with daily exercise. Recent lab work shows a hemoglobin A1c drop of one percentage point, however her current level is still above target at 8.5 and fasting blood glucose levels range from 160-190 mg/dL. To provide the best care for Mary, two approaches may be considered; either Mary 's medication needs to be adjusted or her understanding of diabetes health should be explored. Since patient competency is a key factor in disease management, I have chosen to focus on determining what the outcomes are in strengthening educative needs of diabetic patients.

While diabetes affects all areas of the body, it is known to affect the cardiovascular system profoundly. Understanding the correlation of diabetes and heart health is a priority when educating Mary. Due to increased insulin resistance and hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, endothelium dysfunction and hypercoagulability states develop. According to Dokken (2008), 97% of patients with diabetes are have low levels of HDL and high levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. This leads to stronger and more frequent attachment to arterial walls and increased occurrence of oxidation in the body. Endothelial dysfunction results in capillary leak syndromes, hyper-activation of clotting signals and a state of…

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