Bernie Sanders Uniqueness

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For the past two decades, we have had presidents who have fallen miserably in the same status quo, following the same guidelines from presidents of previous elections. This is where Bernie Sanders steps in to show his uniqueness and to change the tide in the presidential election of 2016. This unique candidate is the type of person who will approach issues in a different manner. He has stayed devoted to many of his own aspects that other presidents or candidates have not throughout their campaign. It may seem strange or even taboo for the political robots, but this is what this courageous candidate is all about. He will do and say what other presidents and candidates are not willing to in order to get the truth out or even do what is right, …show more content…
The first and last president to ever get elected as an Independent was George Washington (Wikipedia contributors 4). The last Independent candidate who ever achieved any success in running was in 1992, but only made it to third place (4). Running for presidency as an Independent could be very challenging. Most of the people in congress and in the government do not believe that an Independent president will ever last long if he or she was to get elected. This is due to people believing that Independent presidents will not have a foundation in congress. The Independent Democratic candidate and also senior member in congress, Bernie Sanders, again beat the odds of running for presidency as an Independent Democrat. He expressed “I 'm not a Democrat, I 'm an Independent, but I caucus with the Democrats” (Walsh 1). This demonstrates how the 74 year old Independent Democratic candidate is willing to sacrifice his run for presidency to his party.A candidate’s uniqueness and boldness is what drives the people of America to choosing their candidate. Bernie Sanders is a perfect example due to his background story and his determination to what he undoubtedly believes is right. He has gone through the Civil Rights Movement inspiring many young white and black Americans to fight for what they believe in and to what is morally right. The three most unique qualities Bernie Sanders upholds are that he is socialist, he includes environmental issues as one of his top priorities, and that he is dedicated on being an Independent Democrat. He has proved to the people of America, how moving away from the political mainstream and always telling the harsh truth of matters will get people’s votes, but more importantly their

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