Benjamin Franklin : A Great Inventor Essay

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Benjamin Franklin is probably one of the world’s most successful people; he was a great inventor. He did many great deeds for people and did the best he could to make a life for himself after being poor with his family. Franklin is loved by many people, but he is also hated by many people because he had accusations of being an idea taker. Franklin also went through some hardships throughout his life, for example, his brother continued to dislike him after Franklin left, he was jealous of Franklin’s wealth that he acquired while being away. Another Hardship that Benjamin went through was trying to find his footing when he first moved to Philadelphia after running away from his brother 's printing house. Franklin was an idealistic man, he literally started from the bottom and he worked his way up to the top, it did take him all of his life but he did it. Franklin had a list of virtues that he would follow every day; he wanted the be the most perfect man that ever lived. He practiced this his whole life to some day hope that he could become the perfect man, but I don’t think he ever quite got there. Benjamin Franklin was one of the greatest entrepreneurs in colonial America, but he was much like any other great entrepreneur,except Benjamin knew the right people and was somewhat famous in this time period. Benjamin Franklin likes to talk about his virtues, his political involvement and his earlier life in his Autobiography. Benjamin Franklin was quite literate and…

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