Benefits Of Universal Free Health Care Essay example

1263 Words Nov 4th, 2014 6 Pages
Everyday Americans are diagnosed with chronic illness. They have to depend on their insurance companies to approve doctors’ visits and medication. This is a global problem because some insurance companies turn down needed procedures because of the cost and people are left with no hope and their only option is to die or be chronically ill for the rest of their life. The solution would be to have universal free health care. So that all people are given the equal choice to live their lives to the fullest. Insurance companies should not be allowed to have the final decisions on whether a person lives or dies. Including the individual in these important decisions should be American main goal. Everyone should have the right to universal healthcare. People should start taking more responsibility in their health. Some of our major diseases are triggered by environmental issues pollution bad farming and cropping today are causing the biggest eqadmic in health in all of our lifetime. Cancer is on the rise children are now being diagnosed with diseases that was once considered as adult diseases. Chicken and cows are being raised with hormones and grown at incredible rates then fed to American which is making us sick and dependent on insurance companies to provide funds. Diseases had become a national epidemic. Cancer of all types are constantly growing. Children are now being diagnosed with life threating illnesses that was once considered as an adult disease. Insurance companies and…

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