Essay on Benefits Of The New Infrastructure

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Benefits to the Company
In doing our research we looked at systems of communication with customers, continuous learning abilities, these are all just subsystems of our company overall. Our system is composed of about two elements and they are called subsystems, they elements are connected so that the output from one can be inputted from another. These elements dependent on that if one goes wrong the other can make disorders in the other. We found that to be able to start this implementation that we had to have a goal that is logical and can make the desirable output to accomplish the functionality of all elements.
By looking at the map we have planned out there will be subsystems in our business we are focusing on the following:
Knowing what our goals are
Testing all documentation
Implementation of the new infrastructure.
Our new we will have a marketing system that will have a subsystem that will monitor the satisfaction and expectations of our customers, help us to analyze, compare and measure to give us a specific outcome of what our customers want and don’t want, which will help us to be able to build great customer relationships, Our goal is to ensure all members of staff have the same opportunity in proper training and education, so to enable you all to be more effective and efficient.
Being able to solve issues before they arise will be possible, with this new implementation of the infrastructure feedback that is obtained from all sources will signal…

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