Argumentative Essay: The Influence Of Sports On Children

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Most people think that, overall, sports are a good activity for most children. Taking part in sports has many benefits that help a child to grow and become a good citizen. However, there are some sports which are not so good in other ways. That is because they impact and affect the environment in a negative way. Because of their negative effects on the environment, these sports teach children things that they should not learn such as how to pollute and violent behavior. Children should not be allowed to participate in these sports in any way. Some of the benefits that sports offer children include being a part of a team that works together to achieve a goal. Children who play sports learn the thrill of victory and they learn the sadness of losing, but they also should learn how to lose politely. Patti Neighmond of NPR points out other benefits children can get from sports too. She talks about parents who thought that “sports [taught] their children about discipline, dedication and how to get along with others — all skills to help in future schooling and …show more content…
Another big problem with football are the head injuries that some players get when they are tackled. Brian Merchant from the website, Spoil Sport, talks about several sports that cause environmental damage. He lists sports that use fuel such as NASCAR, skydiving, boat racing and any sport that gets a large crowd such as soccer. If many people want to watch the sport it means that many people use fuel to go to where the sport is played and that is not good for the environment. Merchant also says blood sports such as hunting are not good because they involve violence. Snow sports that use a great deal of resources and the gear that they use are not good either (Merchant). Much of that gear is not made in a sustainable way, but that can be said about a lot of the sports

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