Social Media In The Classroom: Article Analysis

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The use of Social Media have become insanely popular for people to communicate

with one another over the years. People are now able to communicate with their friends, family,

or coworkers through a link, video, wall post, or a picture. Social Media users are capable of

sharing different details, stories and opinions about their lives through many different Social

Networks such as Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have been a source of

communication from one person to another no matter where they are. With the massive use

Social Media, it can be a useful skill in the classroom of educators. The usage of Social

Media can be of benefit to improve students’ communication skills and their learning skills.

The purpose of the
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Richard J. Light as, “a proponent of social constructivism”

(Tomasewski, 2012). Dr. Light’s view on the impact of Social Media is valuable to many

educators who may have some concerns. He elaborates about the benefits of using Social Media

in the classroom. Social Media is a means of communication for many individuals. While using

Social Media as a communication tool, students can communicate with other classmates or other

schools to work collaboratively on various topics they are learning about in school.

Communicating with different students through different social networks can help students

understand their curriculum, enhance their communication skills and also make new friends in

the process.

While communicating with other students through the use of different Social Media,

group styled assignments or group learning has the ability to enhance students’ retention of the

information they are receiving from their teachers or professors. Many students form different

study groups or even group chats to communicate with one another in order to study together,
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As educators, enhancing

communication skills are a valuable factor in teaching. According to another article, “Making the

Case for Social Media” by James Asher also reiterates the advantages of Social Media in the

classroom, “using a classroom Twitter account to connect students with the world. They can

have real-time dialogues with experts, museums, publishers, journalists, and more. I remember

the excitement when a major library retweeted information about a project one class was

working on” (Asher, 2015). This article also supports that through the use of social media

students are more inclined to communicate with others and actually put forth effort into their

work, “the class promoted student work via Twitter, and students were amazed by all the

responses from around the world. (One student even said, "If I 'd known someone from Australia

was going to see this, I would have done a better job.")” (Asher, 2015). Both articles infer that

social media plays a role in enhancing communication skills within the

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