Benefits Of Single Sex Schools

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From the time a person is born, he or she begins to learn behaviors and actions that affect their lives until death. The adolescence stage of growth is the most important to the child, because it is a period of critical brain growth. Behaviors and actions learned from this period will affect children throughout the rest of their lives. The environment a child is placed upon plays a major role in what they will learn and behave. The children of today are our future leaders, but many are placed in environment that are rich in stimuluses that promote hedonistic, rebellious, and undisciplined behaviors. Single sex schools is a positive environment for children to develop and learn positive behaviors. Single sex schools is beneficial to adolescent …show more content…
Being in an environment restricted to the presence of the opposite sex encourages positive work habit behaviors by promoting focus and concentrate on education. The article “Single-Sex Schools: An Old Idea Whos Time Has Come”, by Diana Urbina, states, “The boys and girls who attended single-sex schools performed between 15 and 22 percentage points higher on standardized tests than students attending coed schools”(Urbina, p. 715).This demonstrates students in single sex schools are able to concentrate on the materials learned in class, and thus perform better than coed schools. Additionally, The behavior changes when students are around the opposite sex becomes a serious obstacle to learning. Boys and girls in coed schools behave in ways that try to get attention from the opposite sex, and spend a great amount of their energy on flirting than learning. This encourages students in coed schools to learn bad work habits, thus scoring lower on the standardized tests compared to single sex schools. With single sex schools minimizing distractions from the opposite sex, their students are able to perform better on academics but more importantly learn good work habits that will affect his or her life as they grow …show more content…
The quality of education taught to students relies heavily on the teachers, and single sex schools allows them to provide quality much easier. A British journal, “Effects on Single-Sex versus Co-Educational Classes and Schools on Gender Differences in Progress in Language and Mathematic Achievement” states, “one of the main claimed advantages of single-sex classes is that teachers can modify their teaching methods and curriculum material to suit the different learning styles and preferences of boys and girls”(Eva Van de Gaer, 2004, p. 308).This allows teachers to teach in a way that makes learning more effective for its students and thus succeed. Some may argue that there is no difference in learning between male and female, but that is far from the truth. The journal, “High School Male and Female Learning-Style Similarities and Differences in Diverse Nations”, states, “Male students tended to be more visual (Mariash, 1983), tactual, or kinesthetic, whereas female students tended to be more auditory (Dunn, 1996)” (Honigsfeld and Dunn, 200Be3, p. 196).This proves single sex schools are effective for students as their education is designed to fit each gender, and provides an simpler work environment for

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